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In case you haven’t noticed, there is a ­resurgence of interest in glue-and-acrylic powder enhancements. Let’s look back at what made acrylic dip systems so hot to begin with and find out why they’re making a comeback.

Three years after completing nail school in 1997, Denise Gottschalk discovered acrylic dip systems. The fast application and nearly next-to-no-learning curve inspired her to incorporate the technique into her menu, and she’s been offering the service ever since.
At the time, Gottschalk of Nailz “T” Go in Laurium, Mich., was on vacation in Illinois and visited a nail salon in the area for a fill. During the service, she noticed the nail tech filled the growth gap using Backscratcher’s Extreme Powder Glaze System and the application process sparked an interest in the glue-and-powder technology. “I was fascinated that the nail tech did my fill in 30 minutes. I even hung around to watch her do a full set in under an hour,” Gottschalk says. “She made it look so easy to apply, there was less filing to do, and the nails were thinner, so much stronger, and looked  so natural.”

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